British tourists central to Indian e-visa surge

British tourists central to Indian e-visa surge

The number of international tourists arriving in India on e-visas during July shot up 73.3 per cent year-on-year, according to official figures.

Statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism show the greatest number of travellers making use of the country’s online visa application system came from the UK (12.9%), followed by visitors from America (12%) and the United Arab Emirates (7.2%).

A total of 119,000 people arrived on an e-Tourist Visa during the month, up from 68,000 a year earlier.

The recently released Ministry of Tourism data not only highlights the growing popularity of India’s e-visa system, but also strong growth in the total number of travellers visiting the country. A total of 5,674,000 people entered the country during the first six months of 2017, up 15.7 per cent from the 4,903,000 people who travelled to India between January and July 2016.

Out of all foreign tourists arriving in the country last month, the third-highest number came from the UK (10.9%), after Bangladesh (20.1%) and the United States (16.3%).

While India’s electronic visa application system is helping foreign visitors to meet the country’s entry requirements, Britain too is making use of technology to speed up its border processes. Earlier this month the Home Office announced plans to scrap the use of paper landing cards for tourists from India and other non-EAA (European Economic Area) visitors.

Main image: Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner departs London Heathrow Airport CREDIT: Adrian Pingstone

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