Profile: Kaushik Sindhu – associate vice-president at 42Gears

Profile: Kaushik Sindhu – associate vice-president at 42Gears
Kaushik Sindhu, associate vice-president at Indian tech company 42Gears, is based out of Manchester and is currently responsible for the company’s European operations.
Kaushik Sindhu
Kaushik Sindhu

What does 42Gears do?

We are a tech service provider and our products help businesses and organisations that rely on mobile devices, so they can manage them remotely. We essentially give an IT department control of all IT assets. Cyber security and data security are key to what we do preventing hacking but we are more than that. Monitoring systems are a big part of what we do. Say, for example, a company needs to upgrade or troubleshoot all staff mobiles. That can be very time consuming and disruptive. We solve that by giving our customers a single console where they can log in and manage devices. We are a small company and that enables us to be flexible and nimble to our clients’ needs.

What are your main responsibilities?

I manage the overall Europe operations with key focus on client management and business development. Our UK office has been operational since July 2017 and we are currently working towards growing it by employing talented people and focusing on getting more accounts. .

Why Manchester?

42Gears won the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India award for a third time in a row. The award picks out the 50 fastest growing technology companies in India. Through winning the competition we were introduced to Midas, Manchester’s inward investment agency. Midas was brilliant, it helped explain why Manchester was a great place to do business with its connectivity, its central location in the middle of the UK, its vibrant tech sector and its big talent pool including large number of graduates. It was also much better value for office space as against London so it was an easy decision and we’re very happy to be here. It is positive also that Manchester wants to connect with India and has a genuine interest in supporting Indian companies.

What are 42Gears target markets?

We are an open shop for any size of organisation operating between 10 devices to 450,000 devices which was a job we did for one of the project, our biggest deal to date which shows scalability of product.

We have a vertical agnostic product so anyone who is using a mobile device can be a customer for us. Enterprise and small businesses are another big market. The consumer market is also big because it has huge demand for mobile device management products.

What makes India attractive to do business?

India has a huge pool of skilled resources, there are a lot of countries relying on India. For example, an Indian company like ourselves can offer a global offshore delivery model, with the right skills at low cost rate. Time difference is also a big factor, we’re four hours ahead in India so can get tasks done very quickly for the UK market.

What industries do you think will thrive in coming years between India and the UK?

Tech and IT partnerships will thrive in India and the UK. There is also very good collaboration between the UK and India in agriculture and sports.

What are your favourite destinations in India and the UK?

The beauty of the North East of India separates it out for me and it is also where I always wanted to be. Growing up amidst the rustic charm of that place had a different delight of its own.

In the UK Scotland stands out, I have been to Glasgow, Edinburgh and love the culture there.

What are your favourite restaurants in India and the UK?

Alchemist, Nawab and East and Zeist in Manchester and Baghdadi Restaurant in Mumbai.

Describe your character

Determined, never-say-die attitude, quick learner & adventurous.

What are your hobbies?

I am a wildlife enthusiast who loves to spend his time amidst jungle and greenery. Particularly in India the variety of India’s landscapes that we have gives us abundance chance to escape into wild. I also love to watch Bollywood movies. Though these days whenever I get free time I love to play with my daughter, her laughter and antics are the best stress buster for me.

What five items would you take to desert island?

My daughter’s photo, beer, my pet, a tent and a TV with sports channels but definitely no mobile phones or laptops!

What public figures do you most admire?

Mother Teresa, for the work she has done in India and worldwide. Nelson Mandela for being a true leader and very forgiving, he spent most of his life behind bars to create something good for society. Gandhiji, thanks to him that we have a free country and parliamentary system today, and for the non-violence lesson he has given to our society.

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