Top Scotland Yard Award for Indo-British policeman

Top Scotland Yard Award for Indo-British policeman

Indo-Brit-cop25Shand Panesar, an Indian-origin constable with Scotland Yard, has been awarded this year’s Outstanding Bravery of the Year Award for risking his life with a colleague to rescue a couple from a burning building in London last September.

Panesar and Craig Nicholson were jointly awarded after the public voted for them in the Total Excellence in Policing Awards, which were presented by Metropolitan Police police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe.

According to the details, Panesar and Nicholson arrived at the scene of the blaze in Hillingdon before the London Fire Brigade did, and quickly learnt that two people were trapped inside.

Although both had no fire safety equipment or protective clothing, Scotland Yard said they acted in the best traditions, charged into the flame engulfed house without any hesitation and managed to rescue the couple, who later made a full recovery.

Hogan-Howe said: “These awards give us the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the courage and professionalism of our officers and police staff, in saving lives, fighting crime and tackling armed and dangerous criminals.

“We all joined the Met to serve and protect Londoners and make our city safer for everyone. Today is an opportunity for me to say a final thank you to all those men and women of the Met who give so much for London every day.”


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