British Indian Lord Raj Loomba exits Lib Dem fold

British Indian Lord Raj Loomba exits Lib Dem fold

tony-blair-lord-loombaBritish Indian Lord Rajinder Paul Loomba CBE is known with his Loomba Foundation in UK. A philanthropist and  United Nations honoured campaigner who is on a mission to help widows in India and other parts of the world, has announced his decision to join the Non-affiliated peers in the House of Lords and step down from the Liberal Democrat Party.

“I have enjoyed being a party member for the past six years; however, I now wish to concentrate on issues such as human rights, gender equality, education and above all the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals,” Lord Loomba said in a statement.

Lord Loomba, who recently published his second book on the widows’ issues and their difficulties, is keen to focus his efforts more ardently on the circumstances that cause many widows to live in poverty, and to improve their lives. His work has led him to many countries and continents in order to raise the issue of the treatment of widows, who often for cultural reasons are cast out of their community on the death of their husband.

100714-loomba3The book, the World Widows Report, recently quoted in a debate in the House of Lords, and cited in research by the House of Lords Library, shows how the number of widows is increasing worldwide, often through conflict and disease that it is leading to more poverty, more destitution and an increased risk of violence for widows of all ages.

Lord Loomba will focus on the issues he feels most passionate about with a new found zeal free away from the constraints of party politics and empowered to build cross-party consensus. Noting how human rights, gender equality and education dominate the sustainable development goals agenda Lord Loomba reaffirmed his determination to ensure that widows do not get left behind in the race to improve the life chances of the many millions of people living in poverty.

Outlining his plans for the future Lord Loomba added: “These are the issues closest to my heart and where I feel I am able to offer the most.”


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