Thousands see Indian spectacular in Manchester

Thousands see Indian spectacular in Manchester

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A MAJOR outdoor theatrical event attracting 3,000 spectators took place in Manchester, based on the fascinating Indian story of Ramayan.

The “immersive” performance, called Cast The Light was held in the great northern UK city’s magnificent Albert Square, as shown, with renowned Indian dance teacher Ria Meera Munshi taking the lead actor role of Sita.

She said the story is a traditional tale of the battle of inner light over spiritual darkness, knowledge over ignorance, right over wrong and good over evil.

This production combined action and poetic text, choreographed movement, dance, puppetry, live music, dynamic sound and lighting design, fireworks and other special effects.

Ria Meera Munshi is director of Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, in Manchester which has garnered several awards and a Guinness World Record for its activities.

The Academy was also commissioned to create the dance sequences of Cast The Light, performed by the Lotus Flowers and Ri Ri’s Dancers.

The event was staged in conjunction with Walk The Plank theatre company and the Indian Association Manchester, which organised the event.

The YouTube link to Cast The Light is:

More information about Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, in Manchester, can be found at: 

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