First attempt by woman to drive from UK to India

First attempt by woman to drive from UK to India

LAWYER Bharulata Kamble plans to set a world record by becoming the first woman in the world to drive solo from the UK to India – via the Arctic Circle – in an amazing bid to raise funds for Indian charities.

Her epic car drive will involve Mrs Kamble driving across two continents, 28 countries, clocking up a total distance of over 31,000km in an estimated 75 days to complete.  The record will be observed and recorded by Guinness Book of World Records.

Mrs Kamble will undertake this formidable challenge to raise funds for the provision of medical care for the poor and underprivileged in rural India. Her drive also supports the cause ‘save the girl child’, and ‘women empowerment and education’ in India.

Her many friends and admirers describe her as a passionate and determined lady, who does her best to help and support the underprivileged, the poor and deprived in the society. She also hopes to make the Indian diaspora around the globe proud, by completing this courageous task.

This arduous world record drive will make good use of her proficient driving skills and she is very determined to accomplish the UK to India drive to raise awareness of issues which greatly affect society, particularly in India.

On many occasions she has completed long and demanding car journeys in emergency situations. She recalls one instance where, while pregnant, without hesitation, she undertook a 1,700km return trip from Southern England to Aberdeen, Scotland in less than 18 hours/

Her husband had unfortunately missed his flight to Aberdeen and needed to be in Scotland before morning. Mrs Kamble didn’t hesitate to remedy the situation, by getting in the family car to start driving to Aberdeen, Scotland.

She hopes this anecdote is an anecdote of her stamina, willpower and focus, which is especially necessary when it comes to her long-distance driving. Further information about her formidable journey is on website:

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