IndiaGBnews publisher launches copywriting service

IndiaGBnews publisher launches copywriting service

Polaris Media, publisher of, is launching a new English language copywriting and translation service for companies in India and the UK.

Polaris managing director Ben Pinnington said the service will offer copywriting and editing across materials requiring professional English language writing. This will include press releases, web copy, brochures, reports, social media and speeches.

“We know from working in India and the UK, that copywriting to a professional standard of English can be difficult,” he said. “Often the problem will be that there are no members of the team who can write to a professional level of English. The problem can be made even tougher if the company needs to promote itself in the international B2B press. A lot of the most influential trade press is based in the UK, but if a company does not have the contacts or expertise to produce press releases it can be very difficult to build a relationship with the media. However, by outsourcing to Polaris we can solve those challenges. Polaris’ copywriting team are elite level professional writers and have been trained by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). We know how to write and we know how to manage the international trade press based in the UK very well. We can receive copy in English or Hindi and then edit it for clients’ approval.”

Ben said Polaris will be working with professional Hindi translators which will enable Polaris to accept copy in Hindi to translate into English. He said this is designed to make it quicker and easier for Indian clients to submit copy.

Ben said the Polaris writing team will provide a confidential professional service in line with the code of conduct of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

For further details contact Ben Pinnington Email: Call: 44 151 550 4710

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