Laird Expert targets British-Indians after expanding translation service

Laird Expert targets British-Indians after expanding translation service

Wirral based Laird Expert is ramping up work in British-Indian communities after expanding its translation and interpretation service.

The nationwide firm now offers a comprehensive Indian translation service with more than 50 experts in Bengali, Sylheti, Punjabi (both Indian and Pakistan), Sylhati, Tamil and Urdu.

Laird Expert delivers the UK’s premier automotive expert witness service to both business and consumers, employing more than 60 staff. Its forensic reports are used for many purposes including damage assessment, legal, insurance and valuation requirements.

Its languages department – which was launched in 2013 to support cases involving foreign nationals and non-native speakers – now delivers verbal interpretation and written translation services for many purposes in 75 different languages.

Laird Languages manager Christine Baty said the department has developed its own unique database of linguistics experts from across the country. And while it continues to support Laird Expert, it has grown way beyond that initial purpose.

The firm has this month appointed a raft of new Indian language experts to help service British-Indian communities which make up around 2pc of the total UK population.

“We have witnessed rapid growth in the last 12 months with our translation and interpretation offering rising from 55 to 75 languages,” she said. “Turnover has broken through the £250,000 mark for the first time in the department’s history representing an average number of 100 new instructions per month. We have also employed two new staff in the last year.

“We are keen to raise greater brand awareness within British-Indian communities, which have a complex range of languages and dialects. The 2011 UK census recorded 1,451,862, residents of Indian ethnicity, accounting for 2.3pc of the total UK population. This represents a large proportion of the British people who may need to access professional translation services, all year round, for a multitude of reasons.”

Christine said the firm receives greatest demand for Indian language translations with most instructions coming from solicitors with clients speaking little or no English.

“We completed more than 200 Indian language cases in 2016 – a sharp rise from 90 in 2015. Polish is our other high demand language totalling 191 instructions in 2016. There are more than 20 official languages spoken in India making it a complicated task to instruct the right interpreter.

“Solicitors frequently contact us to provide translation services at court hearings or to translate documents as part of Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims. We have situations where solicitors only know their client is from India, and the communication breaks down there.”

Christine said Laird Languages however reaches far wider than the legal sector. It works alongside sister company Whitfield Business Support to develop and translate websites, media platforms, direct mail and many other marketing services.

“Our latest non-legal contract came from a British Indian who required translations for product lists, ingredients and sales material in order to sell to each country within the EU. There is great potential for us to expand into the British-Indian commercial market for example supporting exporters, technology, manufacturing, engineering and medical sectors.

“We are flexible and willing to break down the language barrier in virtually all circumstances. Our interpretation service has been employed for medical appointments, witness statement appointments, counsel meetings, health & safety assessments, court hearings, conference calls, office and home appointments. Meanwhile, our translation service can be used for hospital records, legal pleadings, website translation, council documents, cold call enquiries and professional contracts amongst many other things.

“Our coverage is nationwide, and we are confident we can source fast and accurate translation services for individuals and businesses anywhere in the UK. All our translators are highly skilled professionals and qualified with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI). We believe we offer one of the best translation services in the UK for both range and quality of service and our consistent standards set us out from many competitors. There are a lot of specialists out there that deal with one or two specific languages, and other firms which offer more but struggle with quality control.”

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