Chester based Indian author Swapna Das prepares for her global book launch

Chester based Indian author Swapna Das prepares for her global book launch

unnamedChester based India author Swapna Das is preparing for the global launch of her new book ‘A String of Pearls’.

A collection of 11 short stories, the book was recently printed by Austin Macauley Publishers is slated for a global launch in February 2017.

A String of Pearls is aimed to satisfy the reading interest of all ages. The different stories deal with interesting personalities, drama, nature, wildlife and social media with a hint of humour.  

They are a result of the author’s imagination and understanding of life in general. Geographical boundaries have been ignored as the author wanted to explore the unknown – in USA, India, North Sea and Africa. To her it was a challenge to step out of the comfort zone (of all that is familiar) in pursuit of new adventures.

Author Swapna Das on left

Speaking to IndiaGB news, Swapna Das said: ‘’These stories are for every of the family. The tales are different and no two stories have a common theme, the only exception being the three stories about Mailni the child, Malini the young person and Malini the woman. Personalities are an important feature of the book and so is the magic and beauty of nature and life.”

Swapna was recently invited at the Chester Literature Festival to speak about A String of Pearls at an event called ‘New Voices’ launched at the Festival on 9 October 2016. For the first it allowed authors the opportunity to showcase their book/writing. The current Festival will run till 23 October.

Swapna has lived in Flintshire, North Wales, for 26 years with her family. She works in local government with children and families.  She graduated with a BA Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Calcutta. Whilst living in India, she pursued a career with the British Deputy High Commission.


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