British Indians, communities embark on yoga cruise, by Rahul Laud 

British Indians, communities  embark on yoga cruise, by Rahul Laud 


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British Indian families and various community organisations from across the North of England have taken part in a cruise along the River Don with a difference.

The initiative was conceived by Dr Ravi Karwa and his wife Shanta Karwa who organised a short cruise where families could meditate, sing, dance and experience laughter yoga.

Karwa an NHS gastroenterologist based in Doncaster said, ‘’When I would see on my walk that several people cruising on River Don it struck me that it would be a novel way to celebrate the eve of Indian Independence Day slightly differently.’’

Karwa, who is International Association of Human Values volunteer and a regular meditator, said: it was natural that I thought to meditate on the cruise.

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Organiser Dr Ravi Karwa

Together with his wife Shanta they spread the word among volunteers of different community organisations. The Art of Living Foundation in North also joined in to celebrate with IAHV and others from North East.

The busy three hour cruise included a session with . Robin Graham, Ambassador of Laughter Yoga and Facilitator at the FeelGood Communities who shared soft laughter yoga exercises.  The lion roaring laugh excited participants as their jaws widened their facial muscles.  This short 10 minute laughter yoga session helped keep participants laughing naturally into the evening.

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Co Organiser Shanta Karwa (right)

Dr Shiva Ramakrishnan and his daughter Aditi from Wakefield entertained the audience with their devotional music – bhajans in Sanskrit and Hindi. The audience clapped and joined in a chorus to keep the atmosphere fun and light. Meanwhile a young boy Srikanth Subramani narrated a complete prayer – Hanuman Chalisa – worshipping Lord Hanuman in Sanskrit.

Soham Karwa was the rockstar on the cruise. Tossing his long tresses he jammed on his guitar, much to the delight of all music lovers on board.

Lion roar- Laughter yoga in action

Dr Jagdsih Sadashiva an anesthetist representing the Art of Living North who lives on the Wirral sang and also shared his experience as to how to elevate enthusiasm and energy. Several others from the AOL Foundation were pleased to experience their first meditation cruise. Karwa had organised a guided meditation CD in the voice of global humanitarian and peace leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  On the cruise probably for the first time on River Don, the primordial sound Om was chanted which brought in serenity and calmness, with some cherished the memories of Indian independence.


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